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We have 20k+ active shoppers — and you have products for them!
Our platform currently boasts 21 246 active shoppers who are just waiting to buy your product. You offer the shoppers your products with a substantial discount and our shoppers then buy them via a keyword or a specific URL. This increases your conversion rate and shows Amazon that your product is popular. This way, you'll reach page 1 on Amazon's in no time.
Create your First Campaign in under 3 minutes

We’ve made it easier than ever to get started with PandaLeap. There’s NO need to connect with Amazon or complete a complicated set up process. Just login and launch.

You’re the Boss
While the campaign is running, you always have full control. You can change the URL, customize the product description, pause the campaign, or change the interval between sales and reviews – all on a LIVE campaign. In addition, you see the names of your buyers, you see the order number and, after the tester has the rating, you can also see the published review text.

Our unique selling points

(That really does not offer anyone!)
Keyword Boost
Review Builder

The Easy Way to Reach Page 1 in Europe

Use our Network of 20,000 hungry buyers to increase your keyword rankings, sales, and revenue NOW

Any questions?

How many sales do I get for one Campaign?
Theoretically you can get unlimited sales in one campaign. However, in practice, your success depends on the attractiveness of your product, your discount level and your visibility on our platform. We will be happy to explain to you how you can optimize this.
What is the Cashback Procedure?

We are the only ones on the market to use the Cashback procedure for sales campaigns. This unique method allows the shoppers to buy your product with their transaction accounts or credit cards. No coupons or coupon codes are used. Advantages: completely inconspicuous and compliant with guidelines, while directly improving the ranking. If any reviews are submitted afterwards, they are verified!

What is the Review Builder?

Our review building process ensures that buyers rate you on our platform. We then motivate shoppers to publish these reviews on Amazon. If you use the Cashback procedure mentioned above, there is a good chance that you will get a verified review for free.

If I have problems setting up my first campaign, will someone help me?
Sure, we are committed to providing the best customer support on the market. We'll make an appointment and one of our team members will help you start your first campaign. We offer you exclusive help for your ultimate success.
I don't want a long-term subscription, are there any options for me?
You can test out our platform with one free campaign. If you go on to use a subscription plan, you can cancel anytime within the 30 day period in just a few clicks on the back end.
Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes! We offer all our customers a 30 days Money Back Guarantee. Just choose your Plan and set up your first Campaigns. If you are not satisfied, we will refund you in full.
Sales and ratings are the primary factors that influence your ranking and success on Amazon. PandaLeap helps you to get both fast, for affordable prices and in compliance with the guidelines.
Unique Features
Cashback for sales campaigns, Review Builder for verified reviews that comply with guidelines, Keyword Boosting URLS - you won't find anything else like this for the European market.
Pan-European FBA
All the benefits also apply to your Pan-European campaigns. We are planning the launch in the USA and Japan in 2019.
Personalized Approach
Talk to us! Ask us how we can help you – you can reach us personally six days a week!
What are you waiting for?
What are you waiting for? It’s 2019, and if you haven’t reached your goals, it’s time to take the first step towards building a successful Amazon EU business. You have nothing to lose by getting started, and a lot to gain. Start Now!

The Easy Way to Reach Page 1 in Europe

Use our Network of 20,000 hungry buyers to increase your keyword rankings, sales, and revenue NOW

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